Electricity Freedom System Review

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Electricity Freedom System Review

Electricity using grass, sticks, twigs, weeds, and everything wise. Is it possible? It was not possible until Rich Lubbok came up with his innovative system. But with the Electricity Freedom System, everything said above is possible.

Plants perform photosynthesis, which is the process of converting solar energy into chemical energy. That means plants and any vegetation contain energy in them. You’d be damned to know how much energy they store in them. That energy is enough to power your entire house.

Rich Lubbok uses these grasses and sticks to generate electricity using the generator that he built using trashes from his backyard. He has given the blueprints for this innovative system in the form of a program in the Electricity Freedom System.

If you want to build a generator and save money, the Electricity Freedom System will be the best option for you. Read more about this program below.

Electricity Freedom System ReviewAbout Electricity Freedom System

We all have the need for alternative electricity because of the high rates of electricity that we pay every month. Although solar power is the most suggested resource of renewable electricity, the cost to install a solar panel is not affordable to everyone.

To save people like you and me from drowning into the monthly electricity invoice, Electricity Freedom System has a brilliant method to construct a system that can run on organic gas. You can use grasses, weeds, sticks, etc. to produce the organic gas. It would cost you much less than $200 to set up the entire system.

You need not spend even a penny to fuel this system if you have your lawn mowed every week because you can use the grass as a fuel for the system you build. Electricity Freedom System has everything you need to know to build the system and the way to produce organic gas for the system.

The way it Works

  • First, you need to gather the raw materials given in the Electricity Freedom System and be ready to construct the generator.
  • You will only need some insulation, plywood, a dryer vent hose, adhesives, a cheap thermometer, and screws. It will not cost you anything more than $200. You will find most of them in your house.
  • The system comprises of two different converters. One converter is required to convert organic gas to electricity, and the other will generate organic gas.
  • You can use grasses, hays, sticks, timber, or even yesterdays vegetable waste to produce organic gas with the converter.
  • Now you need to follow the instructions and demo videos in Electricity Freedom System to build your system.
  • The system is simple to build by anyone with no expertise in the electric field.
  • Every week, you need to add a few gallons of water to the converter for the substances to decompose and produce organic gas.

Electricity Freedom System Review

In What Ways Electricity Freedom System Helps You?

  • Electricity Freedom System will give you a detailed blueprint to build a generator that can help you save money on electricity bills.
  • It has the list of raw materials you need to set up the system.
  • The whole system will cost only upto $200 or even less.
  • In this program, there are ways to make this system immune to harsh climates and storms. It will only need extra raw materials that cost $7.
  • To run this system, you will need only grass, twigs, sticks, weeds, and timber. You dont have to spend much to buy these fuels.
  • You can use the grass in your house after you mow your lawn. It means you will be able to build a generator that runs on no-cost fuel.
  • Using this system, you will save $14000 to $24000 in 10 years from now. Imagine the amount of fortune you will have when you retire from your work after ten years.

How to Access Electricity Freedom System?

Jump to the official website of the Electricity Freedom System and click the Add to Cart button. After the payment is complete, you will get instant access to this program. The program is compatible with any device. You can also find the link in this page that leads directly to the website.


  • Your electricity bills will considerably drop when you use this system.
  • This system will help you become energy independent.
  • It saves you a lot of money.
  • There is zero maintenance for this system.
  • The entire system is in the size of a letter desk, and you can shift it anywhere.
  • The system is robust and can withstand any weather conditions.
  • You can download the program and view it in your computer, mobiles, and laptops.
  • If you are stuck in the middle of your construction, you can contact the support team, and they will help you anytime.
  • The program is risk-free to buy. It is backed with a 100% money refund guarantee.


  • There is only online availability for this product.
  • If you miss any step in this program, then your system may not work.

Electricity Freedom System Review


Electricity Freedom System is an awesome guide for you to build a system that will serve as your emergency generator. Moreover, it saves you money and also causes no pollution to the environment. You will save electricity and contribute your part to a greener future. You can give your family the freedom of electricity. You will never have to complain about the high electricity bills. You can teach your kids a great lesson on how to build a self-sustaining generator.

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